Bringing Mindfulness

Are you living life on an auto-pilot mode, without being aware of what you are doing and why you are doing? Learn the art of being in the moment.

Happiness Movement

Karma is dedicated to encouraging and sharing happiness and inspiring people to live a meaningful life. Join Happiness Movement to create a world of happy souls.  

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The coaches and healers at Karma Foundation can help you draw your focus away from negativities so that you can take charge and change things for yourself and people around you.

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Health and Healing

Understand the root cause of an illness. Achieve highest levels of health and wellness through a structured approach to reverse disease and create a healthy you. more detailed information about casino bonus 400%.

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Yoga Retreat

Yoga is not limited to getting the posture right, it’s beyond that. The instructors, therapists, healers, and coaches at Karma Group teach you practices that leave you energized and restored.

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