Careers and volunteering

Our ethos at Karma Foundation is to work hard to affect positive change for those who need it most. That means we believe in doing the smart, right and most ethical things to genuinely improve people’s lives. Have much more info approximately 400 bonus. If that sounds good to you – even better, if that connects with you – then you may be just the right person to join us, as either a staff member or as a volunteer, in our committed work to drive change.

Are you right for us – are we right for you?.

We believe in a pleasant, efficient workplace, one that harnesses all that fully motivated staff members can deliver. Our organisation’s culture – and that of our workplace – is key to achieving this aim; based on shared values that our team members help create, believe in and commit to.

Needless to say, our working culture is also informed by equality, diversity and inclusion – and it promotes a real work-life balance in our staff members, so they can deliver their best at work while living happy, healthy lives.

If you’d like to be involved in crafting and delivering on these values on a daily basis, then you may belong with us at Karma Foundation.

Get into contact with us

Like the sound of what we’re about at Karma Foundation? If so, contact us via the form opposite and, as either one of our staff members or one of our volunteers, you could soon be building a career or volunteering with us to affect change for those who need it most. We’d be delighted to hear from you.