Karma Foundation International is a London and New Delhi based collective with a mission to help people lead happier lives through giving. We work to support people of all ages, though our core programme aims to break the cycle of poverty in some of the world’s most marginalised communities by funding the education of vulnerable or orphaned children, as well as giving them access to skills development projects and vital health services. By providing the practical and emotional support children need to thrive, we can prepare them for a contented adulthood.

What we do?

Educating children for a digital world

Our mission is to support children’s education through the concept of Sanskar, a ‘journey to self’ in Sanskrit culture. Our approach to education is holistic, with equal emphasis on digital skills, an understanding of emerging technologies, and the importance of health, positive attitude, time management and happiness in life. Our aim is to give each and every child we help the best possible chance of a successful career, coupled with a pathway to better quality of living. Once their education is complete, we support the children in finding suitable employment to match their skills.

Women’s empowerment

Thanks to the support of UN Women, the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality, we aim to provide support for women of all ages in marginalised communities who are in need of education, training or employment, with equal opportunities wherever possible. We aim in particular to help female entrepreneurs in attaining self-sufficiency, and complimentary mindfulness and yoga classes will also be offered to improve women’s emotional wellbeing.

Stress free living and health tourism

We strive to achieve stress-free living through emotional wellness. Beginning with classes that promote and enhance happiness through yoga and mindfulness at our sponsored hotels, we will also be working with health practitioners and hospital trusts to ensure that equal importance is given to maintaining mental health as physical health. Health tourism plays a key role in alleviating stress and enhancing overall wellbeing, with special programmes offered at participating hotels.

Support in old age

Through ‘Seva’, the Sanskrit concept of selfless service to others, we aim to help people over the age of 70 enjoy the best possible quality of life, working with government agencies and goodwill partners. There is a particular need in cases where older people have been neglected or disowned by their families, or are not in a position to stay within the family. We recognise the importance of maintaining emotional wellbeing into old age, and the value older members of society can bring to all of us.

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